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Josh Landry "The Chainsaw Carver"

Josh Landry has been a professional chainsaw carver for over 15 years. He is based out of Central Maine, but travels over 50% of the year performing LIVE chainsaw carving shows at fairs, festivals, and other events.  Josh Landry is a nationally known Chainsaw Carver and Performer; who provides exquisite workmanship & outstanding designs.

The amazing art of chainsaw carving is truly Josh's calling. In 2007, He traveled across the globe to compete with Master's of the Chainsaw in Toei, Japan. Josh placed 11th out of 56 and was the youngest carver to compete. Josh Landry won 1st place in the 2015 Master's of the Chainsaw Extreme Power Carving Competition and has placed 2nd, three years running previously at the Schnecksville Fair in Pennsylvania. Since 2011, Josh and his wife have been traveling the East Coast with their two rat terrier puppies. They pack up their truck, camper, equipment, and saws and hit the road; Josh performs his live chainsaw carving shows and carves commission sculptures, while Magen and the pups provide the support crew. In 2013, Josh ventured to Thornville, Ohio where he took 1st place in the Rally in the Valley National Chainsaw Carving Competition. Josh has been featured in many newspaper articles, tv broadcasts, and social media specials.

Josh Landry has found the rare equalization of business, lifestyle, and artistic expression.  Josh Landry says "I am very passionate about my work; I love chainsaw carving. I still get excited and inspired on every piece. I strive to give my carvings a different expression each time and trying so hard reminds  me that I am still learning and growing as an artist. It drives me to do better every day and to focus on my safety, realisticness, accuracy, and movement in my sculptures. I always want the next one to look better than the last."

Josh Landry would like to thank everyone involved in the art of chainsaw carving. Due to everyone's hard work and appreciation for this special kind of expression, anyone is able to experience this exciting and successful form of art. Josh Landry remains hopeful for the future and looks forward to every moment he is able to do what he loves. Carve Safe